ANTI-SPASTIC SPLINT + THUMB PIECE Orfit Classic Precut Antibacterial - 2 piece pack

Beige, 3.2 mm, non perf.

The purpose of this splint is to maintain the long flexor muscles stretched in order to inhibit the hypertonicity. This product is made of a Low Temperature Thermoplastic material and can be moulded directly on the patient.

This pattern is NOT SUITABLE for the following applications:

  • acute fractures of wrist, thumb and carpal bones
  • prolonged and aggressive use
  • hypertonicity of the short flexor muscels
Characteristics How it works and looks
Transparent when activated Transparency indicates when the material is ready to mould allows for proper alignment and visual monitoring over anatomical landmarks.
Non-coated material Temporary adhesion during splint fabrication and reliable permanent bonding by using dry heat. Tackiness helps orthosis stay in place during fabrication. All attachnments and outriggers can be adhered easily.
Excellent stretch (100%) without tearing Very precise moulding conforms to patient anatomy, for example in the hand arches and first web space. Accurate moulding Improves correct dispersion of skin pressure.
Full elastic memory (100%) Completely remouldable and can be adjusted easily after reheating locally.
Easy to trim edges Avoids waste of material.

 - the price is for 2 units of this product