Protac H Cushion

Positioning cushion that gives the opportunity to rest on the side. The H-letter design of the H-cushion means that you can position your legs stably between the cushions. The H-cushion is symmetrical which makes it useful for lying both on the left and the right side, giving you the opportunity to shift between different lying positions. Furthermore, the H-cushion prevents oedema since it ensures that the legs are positioned above heart-level letting fluid run back to the heart.

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  • The H-cushion is used for:
    Hip-operated patients
    Traumatised pelvis fractures
    Expectant mothers suffering from pelvic insufficiency
    Back injuries
    Knee, foot, leg injuries
    Positioning problems

    The H-cushion has been designed in co-operation with occupational therapists, physiotherapists, doctors and patients at Aarhus University Hospital, Denmark.

    The H-cushion is made of breathable and waterproof material and filled with polystyrene balls.

    During 1½year Aarhus University Hospital lent the H-cushion to patients who were discharged from the hospital.

    A questionaire reveals great satisfaction with the H-cushion. Some of the patients had been through a hip-operation before, and knew about sleeping and resting difficulties. Many experienced that the H-cushion was a great improvement for hip-operated patients.

    Children and adults suffering from spasticity find great comfort in using the H-cushion. Many wake up several times during the night or during a little nap due to uneasiness and spasms in the legs. Using the H-cushion separates your legs, the spasticity is reduced, and you experience a more refreshing sleep.

    The H-cushion can also be used for lying on your stomach (in prone position).

    The H-cushion can be used for sitting. At the same time the therapist can support her arms on the cushion while giving treatment.

  • Protac makes the H-Cushion in 4 standard sizes:
    Medium/large length 65cm
    Small length 55cm
    Junior length 55cm
    Child length 40cm

    Special sizes are possible.
  • Instructions for using the H-cushion:
    Place the cushion on a chair at the operated side of the body. Lie on the back with parrallel legs, if possible with the healthy leg to the side. Place the cushion between the legs.

    Lift the healthy leg into the cushion.

    First push the cushion down a bit (approximately 20 cm. from the groin). Sink your heel into the mattress and pull the operated leg upwards bending the knee in a 45-degree angle. It is important that hip and knee joints stay in a straight line. Grab hold under the thigh and "lift" the leg into position. Do not bend more than 90 degrees in the hip joint. If necessary, push the cushion towards the operated leg with the healthy leg.

    Now you are ready to roll over on your side.

    You can lie on both sides, but in the beginning it is probaly most comfortable to lie on the healthy leg.

    When you have finished using the cushion:
    Roll back onto the back. First lift the healthy leg back onto the mattress. Again sink your heel into the mattress and bend your knee. Support the thigh with a hand and carefully pull the cushion away. Again, remember to keep the hip and knee joints in a straight line.