Tovertafel 2 (Magic Table)

Tovertafel 2 (Magic Table)
Tovertafel 2 (Magic Table)
Tovertafel 2 (Magic Table)
Tovertafel 2 (Magic Table)
Tovertafel 2 (Magic Table)
Tovertafel 2 (Magic Table)

Tovertafel 2 (Magic Table)


Tovertafel, ‘magic table’ in Dutch, is a fun, interactive game system designed for people living with dementia and cognitive challenges to stimulate physical and social activities, create a shared experience, and enhance well-being.

Tovertafel projects interactive games and vibrant images onto a surface. The specially crafted games respond to the hands and arms of players with the goal of providing joy and engagement while serving as a purposeful activity.

Tovertafel and its games are designed with empirical advances and state-of-the-art technology.

  • Backed by scientific research
  • Tested on a large scale
  • Continuously adapted for optimal effectiveness

How can the Tovertafel help you? The effects of Tovertafel have been documented for 3 types of users: On participating players, typically senior residents in care homes

  • Breaks through apathy
  • Increases physical activity
  • Reduces negative emotions and increases positive emotions
  • Reduces restless and tense behavior
  • Increases social activity and contributes to more enjoyment

On care workers

  • Improves the relationship between care worker or healthcare professionals and resident
  • Increases the work pleasure
  • Promotes interaction and helps to connect

On families

  • Increases the fun during family visits
  • Increases the possibilities to do something during the visit
  • Technical Specifications The Tovertafel includes a high-quality projector with infrared sensors that pick up the slightest of hand movements
  • Interactive games are projected on a table or any flat surface
  • The device is equipped with a wifi connection that allows for real-time updates of the games
  • A quick click system allows you to move the Tovertafel around your establishment
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