Exciting news! Orfit Academy redesign and a New Course

March 24, 2022

Orfit Academy redesign and a New Course Specialty Orthoses Part1

Orfit are excited to announce a redesign of the Orfit Academy courses that will offer an improved learning experience for your customers.

Orfit  courses contain a great deal of information on each specific topic: relevant anatomy, clinical conditions, instructional videos, case studies and supporting evidence. They've now divided each Orfit Academy course into shorter, more digestible lessons. This redesign will allow learners to master a section before moving on. Learners continue to have free access to the complete library of topics. A certificate of continuing education credit is available after the learner completes an exam and pays a small fee. Progress through each course is saved so a learner can quickly return to specific information they are seeking.  

A newly released web page will assist you with promoting the Orfit Academy among your customers. 

Go to the Orfit Academy web page

Along with improving the learning experience, we continue to prepare and release new content, promote the latest updates and developments in clinical research, and share tips to achieve the best fabrication with Orfit products.  

Orfit's newest course, Specialty Orthoses Part 1, looks at two specific orthoses in two lessons. The first lesson covers the Dart Thrower's Motion Orthosis. The second lesson covers the Anti-Ulnar Drift Orthosis. Each lesson offers an in-depth discussion on the conditions that might benefit from each orthosis, and provides orthotic fabrication instructions and guidelines for successful outcomes.  

This course is recommended for intermediate and advanced clinicians. The course duration is two hours. 

Your course presenter is Debby Schwartz, OTD, OTR/L, CHT.


  • Recognize specific conditions of the upper extremity that benefit from the Dart Thrower's Motion Orthosis and the Anti-Ulnar Drift Othosis
  • Identify two unique orthotic designs for orthoses and their applications for specific  conditions
  • Learn how to fabricate and fit each orthotic design

Go to the Orfit Academy web page

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