Protac Sensit®

Funding Rationale

  • The Protac Sensit chair and puff offer supported seated or semi-reclined positioning.
  • The Protac ball filled base and wings provide opportunity for the body to immerse and provide gentle weighted proprioceptive input. This input provides deep pressure stimulation to the muscles and joints that can be calming and can assist the brain to separate relevant stimuli from the chatter of irrelevant stimuli.
  • This form of sensory feedback provides a full body calming input for situations where the user may be feeling overwhelmed or experiencing high levels of anxiety.
  • Movement within the seated position creates a gentle sensory resistance helping the brain to sort out and make sense of the physical surround and establish where that body is in space. The chair can be a stand-alone tool to provide proprioceptive sensory feedback or can be used as part of a sensory modulation program

  • The Protac SenSit Seating healthcare solution is a very comfortable sensory-stimulating chair that provides a sense of security and calm and increased levels of concentration among users. Adults, the elderly and children suffering from mental and physical restlessness can benefit from Protac SenSit.

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    • The chair is filled with Protac balls in the seat and back and in the special neck and side wings. These wings can be placed around the body as required, enveloping and calming the user. Also available is an optional leg rest – the Protac Sensit seating Pouffe.

      It has countless applications, and can be found in care homes, hospitals, hospices, charities, special schools, psychiatric departments, waiting rooms, sensory rooms, treatment and therapy rooms as well as in people’s households.

      Protac SenSit seating can be used:
      - With adults suffering from mental and physical restlessness.
      - In psychiatric departments and day care facilities for adults with developmental disorders providing a ‘safe refuge’ in communal areas for patients and users who find it difficult to be surrounded by lots of people.
      - In pre-school and school environments as a time-out for children during a busy school day.
      - With restless children, as the chair helps them to concentrate when doing their homework.
      - For ordinary relaxation when the user is watching TV or sitting with a computer.
    • Suitable for:

      - Adults, the elderly, children and youths
      - Individuals with ADHD and autism can use the Protac SenSit® chair as a ‘contained space’ where the user is surrounded by the balls and receive the sensory stimuli needed to ensure calm and a sense of security. The chair can be used to eliminate sensory impressions so that the user can concentrate on school homework for example.
      - Individuals with mental illness often suffer from motor and mental restlessness. The chair can be used as a ‘safe place’ to ensure calm and a sense of security for the user. The weight and pressure of the balls also leads to better body awareness and improved well-being.
      - Those with for example developmental disorders, sensory disruption and deaf-blindness in order to increase the body’s sensory stimuli. People with stress to ensure calm and a sense of security as well as better body awareness.
      - Care homes, hospitals, hospices, charities, schools and special schools, psychiatric departments, waiting rooms, sensory rooms, treatment and therapy rooms as well as in people’s homes.

      It's suitable for a range of medical conditions:

      Brain Damage
      Cerebral Palsy
      Chronic Pain
      Deafness and/or Blindness
      Development Disorders
      Huntington’s Chorea
      Multiple Sclerosis
      Neurological Disorders
      Parkinson’s Disease
      Psychiatric Disorders
      Sensory Disturbances
      Sensory Processing Disorder
      Sleep Disorders
      Tourette’s Syndrome
    • Available in 7 colours. Lime Green is the most popular colour and available for immediate shipping. There are six other colours but these are subject to longer lead times - Aqua, Black, Dark Grey, Dusty Green, Off White, Red.