Protac Ball Blanket

The Ball Blanket stimulates the sensory system and, thereby, contributes to create an improved bodily consciousness. The Ball Blanket is designed on the basis of the American occupational therapist and psychologist A. Jean Ayres's theories of sensory integration. It works due to the weight from the loose balls pressing at certain points of the body, which stimulates both the sensation of touch and the sense of muscle and joint. The many sensory impressions transmit inhibitory impulses to the central nervous system. This increases the sense of the body and its limits, and it provides confidence. Therefore the Ball Blanket is tranquillising.

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  • The Ball Blanket is produced with different balls. The blanket with plastic balls provides most weight and pressure and, therefore, the strongest stimulation of the sensory system. The Ball Blanket with a mixture of plastic and polystyrene balls is a somewhat lighter blanket for those who need a slightly milder stimulation of the sensory system. The blanket with polystyrene balls only provides the lightest stimulation of the sensory system.

    Stimulation through play
    Children love to play with the Ball Blanket. They hide underneath it, or an individual child is wrapped up in the blanket. The stimulation from the balls calms down the child and enhances its attention. Better power of concentration improves the effect of motoric training as well as the learning process.

    The Ball Blanket remedies physical and emotional uneasiness.

  • Types of Ball Blankets

    The Ball Blanket is available in following sizes:
    Adult: 140x200cm. (49mm. plastic balls)
    Junior: 100x140cm. (37mm. plastic balls)
    Baby: 67x100cm. (25mm. plastic balls)
    Premature: 50x67cm. (25mm. plastic balls)

    Accessory: Incontinens cover to the Ball Blanket is available in all sizes

    Ball Blanket with plastic balls
    (adult size 7kg., junior size 3,5kg.)
    The Ball Blanket with plastic balls, is the heaviest ball blanket. It provides the most stimulation to the sensory system and is used by people who need as much stimulation as possible to sense their body and the borders of it. This could be psychiatric patients, ADHD, autism, premature children, neurologic patients etc. This blanket provides the most direct and firm stimulation which a lot of the people/users need.

    Ball Blanket with plastic balls, polystyrene balls and lining
    (adult size 6kg., junior size 4kg.)
    The Ball Blanket with a mixture of plastic balls, polystyrene balls and with lining, provides a different stimulation. It is a lighter blanket and the polystyrene balls lay in between the plastic balls and therefore provides a different pressure/stimulation.

    The lining is sewn in on one side of the blanket, that means that you can use it in two ways. You can have the lining close to your body, then the stimulation is less hence you have the lining in between you and the plastic balls, or you can use it with the lining away from you, then you get the full stimulation of the plastic balls.

    This blanket is for people who would think that the 7 kg. and the direct stimulation from the plastic balls is too much. At the same time, is it warmer because of the lining. So for people who doesn't need as much stimulation and also need the warmth. It could be some neurologic patients, people with learning disabilities but also really skinny people.

    Ball Blanket with polystyrene balls
    (only adult size 4kg.)
    The Ball Blanket with polystyrene balls is the lightest Ball Blanket. It is more like a heavy blanket/duvet and is used when you don't need so much stimulation. It provides the safeness and the sense of the borders of the body in another way. It is used especially for senile dementiated persons, because they have a hard time coping with the plastic balls in the other Ball Blankets (they say it feels like apples or potatoes and that is why they don't want to lay with it). But also for pain patients, fibromyalgia, because it provides warmth and is good for positioning, either laying or sitting.
  • Applications
    The Ball Blanket has many possible applications. It is used like an ordinary blanket, tightly wrapped round the body, so that the point pressure of the balls is felt. One can, for instance, lie down on top of it, wrap up in it, or nest under it.

    Duration of Use
    The duration of use varies according to the individual need for sensory stimulation and how sensory input are accepted. Many sleep with the Ball Blanket every night, others use it for a short while now and then, in order to calm down. The effect of the Ball Blanket is felt quite quickly. If it benefits the user, he will soon calm down under the pressure influence of the balls.

    Introduction of the Ball Blanket
    We recommend a gradual introduction of the Ball Blanket. Start by using it for a short period of time, and slowly increase the use in accordance with the experience gained. If the intended user is a child, it may be a good idea to play with the Ball Blanket before actually using it. For instance, one can nest under it or lie down flat on one's stomach on it, so that the child will learn by its own experience that the Ball Blanket is great fun and that it will benefit from using the blanket. This way it will soon become evident, if the child will benefit from the use of the blanket. Similarly, it is a good idea for relatives and staff to try out the Ball Blanket, so that they feel its effect on their own bodies. When utilising this product please look out for over stimulation of the user which may present as excessive sleep, hyperactivity or continuous discomfort.

    Product Description
    The Ball Blanket is a square-quilted duvet. The tick is made of 100% pure cotton or fire-resistant 100% Trevira-CS and it is filled with plastic balls and/or polystyrene balls. The Ball Blanket with fire-resistant tick has been fire tested and fulfulls the requirements of the NT FIRE 037 fire-prevention standard.

    The Ball Blanket with polystyrene balls contains small parts and should not be used for children under the age of 3 years, not being looked after.

    Cleaning and Care
    The use of a cover for the Ball Blanket is advisable, in order to prevent dirtying of the tick. The Ball Blanket is machine-washable (machine capacity min. 16 kg (35 lbs)) For further information, see the care label on the Ball Blanket.
  • General instructions for wash of a Ball Blanket:

    Wash at 60 degrees. Machine wash with a min. capacity of 16 kg. Wash separately the first three times. Tumble dry at max 30 degrees or air dry.

    Trevira CS:
    Wash at 60 degrees. Machine wash with a min. capacity of 16 kg. Wash separately the first three times. Tumble dry at max 30 degrees or air dry.

    Ball Blankets with polystyrene balls, and Ball Blankets with lining: Wash at 40 degrees. Machine wash with a min. capacity of 16 kg. Wash separately the first three times. Tumble dry at max 30 degrees or air dry.

    If you have any doubts, check the washing instructions on the Ball Blanket.

    General washing instructions for incontinenscover: Wash at 90 degrees. Tumble dry at max 30 degrees or air dry.
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