Healthcare and riser recliner chairs

Rise and recline seating options that support active and independent living in your home.

Highly engineered seating solutions, including a large selection of riser recliner chairs, electric chairs for family homes, hospitals, care homes and many other environments.

Healthcare chairs built for the long term, not only with high-quality materials, but also with interchangeable cushions and back supports that allow the chair to adapt to changing needs.

Innovation in pressure management and new fabric technology, demonstrating the drive for ever-higher standards of furniture design.

Our chairs are proudly made in Australia  Demark   and the United Kingdom.  

We attend 95% of all our trials to make it as easy as possible for the assessor network and their clients. As an adaptable and accomodating New Zealand owned company, we work with you to get the right solution. No challenge is too big or too small.