Top-notch Raiser

Top-notch Raiser

Top-notch Raiser


The Raiser is designed with the comfort, safety and ergonomics of both caregiver and patient in mind.

Designed for patients who have some capacity to pull themselves up but need a helping hand, the Raiser requires patients to use their own strength and muscles, helping them to stay active.

The Raiser is available with a single or dual knee pad.

Max user weight 180kg 

Single or dual knee 


  • Assists a user with sit-to-stand transfers

  • Lightweight and easy to manoeuvre

  • Padded leg support for added comfort

  • Multiple grip options for both user and carer

  • Freeway Raiser Strap available to enable a carer to assist a

    user to their feet

  • Compatible with Freeway safety and ladder belts

  • Independent locking rear brakes

  • 3600 turning radius

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