Sensory Modulation

All Protac’s products contain balls which, thanks to the deep touch-pressure and constant contact to the body’s surface which they provide, activate the sense of touch and the sense of body position and movement.

Normally, we say that we can see, hear, feel, smell and taste. When our body and our brain work as they should, we talk about being in full command of our senses. However, we as human beings actually have more than the above five senses. Our most important sense is the sense of touch in our skin which registers contact. In therapeutic terms, the sense of touch is referred to as the tactile sense. Touching the skin sends stimuli to the brain and gives us a sense of the body’s boundaries. The skin thus serves as a boundary which helps us to distinguish between what is ‘me’ and what is outside ‘me’. The sense of touch thus helps us to establish a sense of our own bodies and helps the brain to keep us up to date so that we can feel our bodies.