Healthcare and riser recliner chairs

Rise and recline seating options that support active and independent living in your home.

Highly engineered seating solutions, including a large selection of electric Tilt in Space riser recliner chairs both standard and bariatric sizing for family homes, hospitals, care homes and many other environments. We also provide custom modifications including alternative power source options such as solar power and battery power back up systems, height adjustable feet, larger wheels and much more  

Healthcare chairs built for the long term, not only with high quality materials, but also with interchangeable cushions and back supports that allow the chair to adapt to changing needs.

Innovation in pressure management and new fabric technology, demonstrating the drive for ever higher standards of furniture design.

Healthcare chairs, rise recliner chairs, electric chairs, pressure management seating, health grade fabrics and adaptable chair designs.

VAL or Variable Angle Lift Technology which provides 3 different lift out angles (including a more or less vertical lift) which gives you even more flexibility and makes sure our chairs support you with changing independent living needs.