Air Comfort V2 Deluxe Day Chair

The ultimate in pressure care - extreme comfort for those with advanced reduced mobility.

The Air Comfort Deluxe V2 is the market leader in pressure care seating. With unparalleled pressure redistribution and adjustable positioning, the Air Comfort Deluxe V2 offers ease of handling for carers and maximum comfort for patients.

  • Reduces risk of pressure sores, even when sitting for extended periods.
  • Ease of access for care givers to move users both manually and with hoists.
  • Specially designed flip down wings increase ease for care provider to carry out bed baths.
  • Ease of chair maintenance for care givers.
  • Optimised for Occupational Therapist work, featuring Tilt in Space.
  • Optional extras increase practicality and comfort for longer usage patients.
  • Comes in sizes Small, Medium, Standard and Maxi.

Tilt in space movement

Using the left-hand lever on the push handle the chair can be gently reclined in a range of positions maintaining a constant back angle. The back locks into position when the lever is released. The push handle comes with rubber grips.

The Tilt in Space (TIS) manual and further back recline allows for full loading of the body over a large surface area. This reduces the pressure and is a comfortable position for those who must sit for long periods of time. The TIS mechanism is ideal for those who need or would benefit from having their legs elevated.

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Day Chair accessories

Meal tray

  • Small AO59036
  • Medium AO59035
  • Maxi AOS9007

Incontinence cover - Std AO59013

Seat belt buckle - AO59014

Foot rest

  • Std AO59055
  • Maxi AO59053


  • Pressure Relief.
    Dark blue - lowest pressure.
    Red - highest pressure.

  • Overall Internal Seat Recommended Patient Height Product Weight Safe Working Load



    L: 1000mm
    W: 670mm
    H: 1130mm
    W: 430mm
    D: 400mm
    H: 550mm (from floor)
    Up to 1420mm
    (4ft 8")
    40kg approx. 180kg
    Medium AC59116 L: 1100mm
    W: 670mm
    H: 1130mm

    W: 430mm
    D: 470mm
    H: 550mm (from floor)
    1420 - 1620mm
    (4ft 8" - 5ft 4")
    40kg approx. 180kg
    Standard AC59111 L: 1130mm
    W: 680mm
    H: 1260mm
    W: 470mm
    D: 550mm
    H: 570mm (from floor)
    1620 - 1880mm
    (5ft 4" - 6ft 2")
    45kg approx. 180kg



    L: 1360mm
    W: 950mm
    H: 1385mm
    W: 720mm
    D: 550mm
    H: 640mm (from floor)
    1620 - 1880mm
    (5ft 4" - 6ft 2")
    100kg approx. 300kg
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