C-Air Bariatric Chair

Tilt in Space Dual Motor Chair

C-Air Bariatric top features:

  • Electric dual-motor Tilt in Space chair with back recline.
  • Multiple pressure care seat options.
  • The Tilt in Space (TIS) electric mechanism with further back recline allows for a full loading of the body over a large surface area. This reduces the pressure exerted through any one point and provides a comfortable position for those who must sit for long periods of time. The TIS mechanism is ideal for those who need or will benefit from having their legs elevated.
  • VAL or Variable Angle Lift Technology gives you even more flexibility and makes sure our chairs support you with changing independent living needs.
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  • Adjustable or removable lumbar cushion to provide postural support for the Gluteal shelf.
    The TIS and back recline allows for effective repositioning through 45 degrees with the benefit of increased blood flow and pressure reduction.
    Rated to 222kg and the leg rest 60kg.
    Arm height 7”.
    In addition to the standard waterfall back cushions, there are also lateral supports and seat depth adjusters.
    We recommend the Coolform Gel medium to high pressure seat cushion and other options are available.
    Colour Black
  • Floor to seat height range of 18” or 20”.
    Seat depth range of 18”, 19”, 20”, 21”, 22”.
    Back height of 28” or 29”.
    Seat width range from 22" to 28”.