Arden HD (up to 250kg)

Arden HD (up to 250kg)

Arden HD (up to 250kg)


Innovative and versatile this rise recliner has a 250kg capacity, low-profile seating option and incorporates Independent Tilt in Space Movement.

The Arden HD comes with unique four motor technology which enables the user to combine Independent Tilt in Space (TIS) movement with Independent Backrest Recline, Independent Leg Rest and Rise movements for maximum pressure and posture management options.

It offers luxurious comfort with maximum adaptability and with a low-profile seating option incorporating an extendable leg rest, together with a choice of interchangeable pressure management seat cushions – these are just some of the reasons why it’s proving so popular.

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The Arden has been designed to address the needs of plus sized clients with its four-motor mechanism aimed at maximising pressure control through independent Tilt in Space, Backrest Recline, Leg Rest Elevation and Rise movements, giving the client and carer many more positional options.

It has many unique features that complement this sophisticated mechanism and can be used in both home or healthcare environments with a full range of health and home fabrics available.

It comes with the following key features as standard. There is the option to purchase additional features and these are detailed in the Optional Accessories Section.


Its uniqueness lies in the four-motor mechanism which maximises the range of postural and pressure management options:

  • Independent Tilt in Space
  • Independent Backrest Recline
  • Independent Leg Rest
  • Independent Rise

Tilt and recline systems work predominantly by moving the persons centre of gravity which maintains posture and ergonomic support allows the pannus to be redistributed. This can be used to alleviate pressure, help the respiratory system and allow access for specific skin care tasks. The addition of independent leg rest and rise movements ensures an excellent range of postural and pressure management positions and support.

Pressure Management Back Cushions

The Arden comes with our deeply comfortable three cushioned, waterfall back, all fibre filled. They can be easily repositioned on the back for the client’s individual requirements and can also have their firmness adjusted by adding or taking away fibres.

For ease of cleaning and replacement the back cushions and covers are easily removable.

Back Blockers for Postural Support

At the back of both the top and middle waterfall cushions sleeves are fitted to accommodate the blockers to provide additional postural support. The position of each back cushion can be adapted with blockers to adjust the shape and support for the specific needs of each user. The blockers come as standard and replacement pairs can be purchased.

Pressure Management Seat Cushions

The Arden comes as standard with a fixed seat option or you may choose to have our removable and interchangeable seat cushions.

Standard Fixed Options

You can choose from one of four seat cushion options each with different pressure management features. The seat cushion you choose is then combined with the chaise (single seat and leg rest cover) and is supplied as an integrated seating solution which is fixed to the frame and cannot be removed or changed.

Removable / Interchangeable Options

You can choose from one of four seat cushions each with different pressure management features. The seat cushion you choose is then combined with the chaise (single seat and leg rest cover) and is supplied as an integrated seating solution.

It can be removed and interchanged with one of the other seat cushion options. You can purchase one or more cushions to support the different needs of individuals who may use this chair.

All covers are removable for cleaning or replacement.

With all these seat cushions we recommend a fabric with four way stretch properties to aid reduction of shear and friction.

Chaise Cover

The Arden benefits from a single, full seat cover. This chaise reduces the risk of pressure areas developing due to pinch points, shear and friction when the chair reclines. Designed with a memory foam insert the chaise offers deep comfort.

The chaise cover and memory foam can be removed for cleaning and replacement.


The chair comes with heavy-duty glides built in as standard.

Handset Loop and Deep Pocket

A handset loop and deep side pocket come as standard on the RHS arm. As an optional extra you can choose to have these positioned differently.

Low Profile Seating

A Seat Height starting at 406mm (16") allows the person to get the exact chair they need to support health, well-being and independence without compromise

Size Guide


  • Seat Height: 406mm (16")
  • Seat Width: 610 / 660 / 711 / 762 mm
    (24 / 26 / 28 / 30")
  • Seat Depth: 508mm (20")


  • Seat Height: 457mm (18")
  • Seat Width: 610 / 660 / 711 / 762 mm
    (24 / 26 / 28 / 30/32/34")
  • Seat Depth: 508mm (20")


  • Seat Height: 508mm (20")
  • Seat Width: 610 / 660 / 711 / 762 mm
    (24 / 26 / 28 / 30/32/34")
  • Seat Depth: 508mm (20")

Cleaning instructions

Please wipe down with cold water to clean.

The fabric is designed to kill bacteria on contact and water is all that is needed.

If you are in any doubt about cleaning instructions please check with us, we cannot be responsible for any damage caused by cleaning.

Care & Cleaning - CARRFLEX® Upholstery fabrics

The Care and Cleaning of Polyurethane Coated Fabrics

Two years on mechanisms and frame, two years on upholstery and one year on pressure care seat cushions.

WS Medical will repair or replace at our discretion and free of charge to the original purchaser, any parts covered by this warranty and which on examination, are found to be defective in material and or workmanship. The warranty is for parts and labour only and for transportation to and from the nearest technician centre.

Warranty exclusions:

  • Fabric damage resulting from misuse, negligence, abuse, accident or incorrect cleaning
  • Unauthorised or incorrect repairs, alterations and modifications
  • Damage to the chair from misuse, negligence, abuse or accident
  • Damage caused from normal wear and tear
  • Damage caused by common carrier abuse or mishandling and any special, indirect incidental and/or consequential damages
  • Replacement of the battery if the battery is left to completely discharge

Statutory Rights

Nothing contained in our terms and conditions nor in these guidelines shall effect the statutory rights of the customer.

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