Orficast More offers high comfort for your patients and is very easy to use.

Orficast More is a unique textile-like thermoformable material. It offers extreme comfort for your patients and is very easy to use. This knitted hybrid fabric is ideal for all applications of finger and/or thumb orthoses and supportive bandage wraps

With double the thickness of Orficast, the innovative “More” version of Orfit’s thermoplastic material on a roll gives you the ability to meet an extensive range of orthotic applications with the same product features that therapists appreciate with Orficast.

The increased material thickness avoids the need to use two layers and provides a longer working time.

Orficast More is available in four widths: 6 cm (2.5″), 12 cm (5”), 15 cm (6″) and 30 cm (12″).


  • Thermoplastic knitted textile material on a 3 meter (9.8ft) roll.
  • Excellent elasticity in two directions.
  • Excellent memory (lengthwise).
  • Easy to cut.
  • Self-adhesive, especially when dry heated.
  • Easy to use narrow and wide strips of material with soft edges.

Muenster orthosis in Orficast More Blue 30 cm and Orficast More Black 12 cm

How it works and looks

  • Easy orthotic fabrication
    • Material on a roll makes cutting a strip of material for orthotics fabrication easy and saves time.
    • No need to make a pattern.
    • Wider versions of Orficast allow for making a volar or dorsal slab.
    • The material is easily stretched to conform to the patient’s anatomy.
    • Orthoses can be remolded when corrections are needed. Avoids waste of material.
    • Overlapping seams are not detectable on the inside.
    • Application of multiple layers increases rigidity and stability of the orthoses.
    • Dry heat is helpful for bonding of corners and straps.
    • Fabrication of larger orthoses will require dry heat for bonding.
  • Orficast More offers excellent patient comfort and compliance.
    • Soft feeling and smooth edges.
    • It is lightweight and allows ventilation. Prevents maceration of the skin.
    • Precise moulding and a snug fit prevent pressure points.

Recommended applications

  • Perfect for traumatic and orthopaedic conditions which require quick and easy immobilisation orthoses.
  • First aid product in casting rooms and operating theatres. All types of immobilisations for wrist, hand, finger and even ankle orthoses.
  • Serial static orthoses to regain range of motion.
  • Recommended for clients with fragile skin, and/or arthritic conditions.