Super Bariatric Chair

Super Bariatric Chair

Super Bariatric Chair

The chair has an impressive weight rating of up to 380kg and a leg rest capability of
160kg. With independent Tilt in Space (TIS) movement, independent backrest recline, and independent leg rest and rise movements, it offers a wide range of pressure and posture management options.

It provides a wide and comfortable seating area with a waterfall back, ensuring superior
patient compliance. The chair features interchangeable pressure management seat cushions for personalized comfort.

The rise position supports standing, enabling the user to walk away more easily. All links in the chair are made from high tensile (Cor-ten steel) for its superior strength and weathering properties over mild steel.
  • It has welded steel bosses to pivot points, including phosphor bronze bushes and
    hardened pins to accommodate heavier weight loads.
  • The chair's extended pivot pins/bushes also allow for additional weight loading.
  • In the unlikely event that maintenance is required, its 160kg weight rated leg rest is removable.
  • The chair is equipped with six leveling feet (compared to the standard four) for enhanced stability.
  • Its frame is constructed using 35x35x3 RHS, a much stronger material than the usual 25x25x1.6 square tubing.
  • Rear rails include a 200mm extension to prevent possible fall over in the fully reclined position.
  • It has a battery back-up system allowing up to 30 lifts in the event of a power cut.
  • For situations where electricity is not available, there is a solar power option.
  • The chair is equipped with top-of-the-range Danish actuators and electric motors for reliable performance.
  • An additional rocker feature is available, allowing the footrest to move freely to suit whatever angle is required, rather than being fixed.

Custom made to order, please reach out to us at for any questions

Custom made to order, size varies

Two years on mechanisms and frame, two years on upholstery and one year on pressure care seat cushions.

WS Medical will repair or replace at our discretion and free of charge to the original purchaser, any parts covered by this warranty and which on examination, are found to be defective in material and or workmanship. The warranty is for parts and labour only.

Warranty exclusions:

  • Fabric damage resulting from misuse, negligence, abuse, accident or incorrect cleaning
  • Unauthorised or incorrect repairs, alterations and modifications
  • Damage to the chair from misuse, negligence, abuse or accident
  • Damage caused from normal wear and tear
  • Damage caused by common carrier abuse or mishandling and any special, indirect incidental and/or consequential damages
  • Replacement of the battery if the battery is left to completely discharge

Statutory Rights

Nothing contained in our terms and conditions nor in these guidelines shall effect the statutory rights of the customer.

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