Madison Mobile Rise & Recline Chair

Mobile Tilt in Space electric dual Motor chair with Variable Angle Lift Technology

Madison Mobile funding rationales:

  • Aid independent transfers... choose the correct lift angle from 3 options
  • Fits clients size so they sit well. Most chairs are too deep so client slides into posterior tilt. The Multi-C-Air can be easily adjusted for lose/gain weight or have a large gluteal shelf.
  • Provide optimum postural support meeting current and future needs-modify filling/cushions eg accommodate kyphotic or increase lateral support as the condition deteriorates.
  • Prevent issues with skin integrity (shear/friction & pressure) through Tilt in Space with all of the above features but also with the use of inbuilt high-risk pressure care seat cushion and footrest adjustment. Often you will see cushions placed on top of chair seat which is unstable and the client loses support through armrests.
  • High leg elevation.
  • Consider users who require postural support, pressure care management or portering high leg elevation.
  • VAL or Variable Angle Lift Technology gives you even more flexibility and makes sure our chairs support you with changing independent living needs.


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  • Dual motor Tilt in Space mechanism and further back recline for sleeping.
    The Tilt in Space (TIS) electric mechanism with further back recline allows for full loading of the body over a large surface area. This reduces the pressure and is a comfortable position for those who must sit for long periods of time. The TIS mechanism is ideal for those who need or would benefit from having their legs elevated.
    The TIS and back recline allows for effective repositioning through 45 degrees with the benefit of increased blood flow and pressure reduction.
    Separate waterfall back cushions can be individually repositioned and adjusted for comfort and support. Back cushions options including standard Waterfall back, lateral support and seat depth adjusters. Zips in the back cushions allow for fine-tuning to achieve the best results.
    A choice of 2 lateral support cushions and headrest.
    Adjustable or removable lumbar cushion to provide postural support for the Gluteal shelf.
    2" seat depth adjusters.
    5 pressure care seat cushions available.
    6 high-quality pressure care seat cushion options.
    The chair is upholstered in a vapour-permeable multi-way stretch fabric to aid pressure care.
    The fabric is washable at 95°C and available in a range of colours. High-quality medical grade fabrics to ensure the highest hygiene and infection control standards are maintained. Flame retardant, scratch-resistant, waterproof, anti-microbial, anti-fungal, phthalate-free.
    The Madison comes with 4 heavy-duty lockable castors which must be braked at all times before using the rise.
    Push handle.
    Built in power source saves messing about with cables & transformers. Built-in rechargeable battery pack to provide power supply.
    Built in 3" leg rest extension.
    Vertical lift option for easy wheelchair transfer.
    Porter Tray to protect the feet during transit.
  • The Madison is available in three sizes: Small Medium Large
    SEAT HEIGHT 19" (48cm) 19" (48cm) 19" (48cm)
    SEAT WIDTH 18.5" (47cm) 20.5" 22" (56cm)
    SEAT DEPTH 20" (51cm) 20" (51cm) 20" (51cm)
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