Mobile Electric Hoists (incl Bariatric)

Mobile Electric Hoists (incl Bariatric)

Mobile Electric Hoists (incl Bariatric)


The Freeway M205 and Prism A320-B Bariatric (pictured) Mobile Hoists provide beautifully designed, premium solutions for labour-intensive patient transfers, allowing for powered, single-carer use. The powered dynamic positioning system (PDPS) provides precise and stable positioning without manual intervention.

The height, leg-spreader and carrier frame are all electronically controlled, and the anti-rotation mechanism prevents unintentional rotational movement during lifting and transferring. The carrier frame can be lowered to the floor to pick up patients from the ground. Suited to a wide range of care environments.

M205 - 205kg user weight limit 
A320-B - 320kg user weight limit


  • Aesthetic, compact design

  • Emergency stop and emergency lowering

  • Carrier frame and lifting column are made of aluminium

    (A320-B) and steel (M205)

  • Enclosed lockable double castors

  • Electrically adjustable height, cradle and spreadable carrier


  • Anti-rotation mechanism


Can also be used as a gait trainer 

Length - 1235mm
Height (Highest/Lowest) - 2010mm / 1340mm
Leg inside Width (Closed/Open) - 500mm / 1100mm
Lifting Range - 380mm - 1755mm

Length - 1500mm
Height (Highest/Lowest) - 2160mm / 1460mm
Leg inside Width (Closed/Open) - 640mm / 1066mm
Lifting Range - 640mm - 1940mm


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