GAUNTLET IMMOBILIZATION SPLINT Orfit Classic Precut Antibacterial - 2 piece pack

Beige, 2.0 mm  (1/12″), micro perfo.

The Gauntlet Immobilization Splint is made of a Low Temperature Thermoplastic material and can be moulded directly on the patient. This pattern is NOT SUITABLE for:

  • acute fractures of wrist
  • reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSD)
  • prolonged and aggressive use.
    Characteristics How it works and looks
    Non-stick coated material.  Coating allows for temporary bonding during fabrication. Reliable permanent bonding is possible after removing the coating and using dry heat. All attachments and outriggers can be applied with maximum ease. Aesthetically pleasing surface. Prevents the material to stick onto bandages or cotton lining.
    Excellent stretch (1000%) without tearing. Very precise moulding conforms to patient anatomy, for example in the hand arches and first web space. Accurate moulding improves correct dispersion of skin pressure.
    Excellent memory. Completely remouldable and can be adjusted easily after reheating locally. Avoids waste of material.
    Easy to trim edges. Prevents cross contamination between materials in a splinting department and keeps splints hygienic for a longer period of time.

    - the price is for 2 units of this product