Precut strips of Orfit Colors NS allow for quick and easy production of orthoses, external immobilization devices and rehabilitation aids.


  • Precut strips of Orfit Colors NS.
  • Non-stick coated material.
  • Smooth edges cut by machine.
  • Available in two widths and two thicknesses.

How it works and looks

  • No waste of material.
  • Lightweight and beautiful splints.
  • Choice in colour according to patient preferences.
  • No accidental bonding.
  • Dry heat provides a permanent bond.
  • Can be adhered where desired.
  • Quick finishing of the orthoses.
  • Choice of material thickness according to the required resistance to force.

Recommended applications

  • Quick and easy small corrective finger and hand orthotic designs. Multiple application possibilities, for example, anti-swan orthosis, anti-claw orthosis, …
  • Wrap around functional aids objects to increase their size.
  • Can be adhered to other orthoses to increase rigidity.

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